Providing a place for mothers to welcome unexpected babies with open arms.

Our Purpose

In a community without resources for pregnant mothers, The Life House aims to become the first maternity home to provide support for South Side pregnant women and their families. Situations often arise where the circumstances of life and/or family pressures lead overwhelmed mothers into a corner. We will aim to provide for all unmet needs, preparing families for a revitalized future.

Our Services

We're renovating a building we own to host furnished apartments for 15 mothers and programming space designed to help mothers build up themselves and lay a strong foundation for their families.

After construction, we will hire staff to provide counseling, instruction, and programming to help equip our mothers to raise thriving families in the stages of early motherhood.


  • Contact us

    We are currently gearing up to launch the Life House, but if there's anything we can do to help you now, please let us know!

    As we prepare for renovations, we need help raising money and forming partnerships. Please let us know if you're able to help!